Benefits of Nuru Massage

Nuru Massage is a relaxing, rejuvenating and don’t forget, exciting massage using proven traditional Japanese techniques and practices. Recently it has been gaining ground all over the world as its effects is unmatched and discerning people are starting to see that. It has so many Health Benefits like Anti Stress, Stress Release, Relaxation, Rejuvenation and more.

It uses a hypoallergenic Organic seaweed gel that is clean and odorless. This gel is lathered all over the body to make it smooth and slippery for a seamless massage. The massage covers whole body and as much area as possible. The gel ensures that all areas are moisturized and nourished to give the largest possible area of relief and satisfaction. This is much better than just focusing on a concentrated area like back or just the neck or using just hands and leaving the rest numb or inactive at times.

This is an overall Relaxation and Rejuvanation Massage. This is the Best Organic Massage You Will Experience!

With Nuru Massage, all senses are appealed to and this delicate process makes sure they happen all at once for the highest possible relaxation and sensation. The whole body is attended to with great detail in a professional manner that will leave you rejuvenated, feeling confident and refreshed. The same effect is similar to when you are getting a sensual intimate hug. It brings a healthy pleasure.

Nuru Massage is that good. Actually way better so don’t think twice and try it!

The professional masseuse is a Highly Trained massage tool. The slippery massage gel makes this process seamless, fun and highly satisfying. This full on contact heightens your emotions partnered with soothing attention to all parts of your body in a sensitive caring Professional manner which makes this experience truly one of a kind.

VIP Customer Treatment is Guaranteed.

Nuru Massage easily relieves stress, body aches, muscle tension, anxiety and yes, even boredom in a way no other massage can. This is a shared experience that is both intimate and satisfying and no other massage comes close.

Trust us, unlike other massages, this won’t lull you to sleep and will keep you awake!

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The Original Nuru Massage Manila Service ensures that this proven technique goes on and we deliver it with the utmost professionalism. Our masseuses are highly trained experts, not to mention beautiful, who will attend to your needs and ensure that Relaxation and Rejuvenation is guaranteed.
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