Welcome to the Wonderful World of Nuru Massage

Welcome to the wonderful world of Nuru Massage

We offer the best authentic Japanese Nuru Massage in the Philippines!

Indulge yourself with a Japanese Nuru massage by our beautiful therapists in the comfort of your hotel or condo. Nuru is a body to body massage, with full body contact, gliding body over body using Asian massage techniques and a slippery gel called Nuru gel. Originating in Japan this is the ultimate art of Japanese pleasure and relaxation. Nuru is an experience unlike anything you have had before, come and enjoy and feel the difference. All our therapists are well trained, we provide a bed cover for your convenience, transportation to your hotel or condo and service beyond your expectations!

Nuru massage is an body to body massage that originated in Japan. The Japanese word “Nuru” means “slippery”. The massage is performed using Asian massage techniques in combination with Nuru gel on bare skin. The therapist will use her body to perform this Asian massage and is a body-to-body massage. Nuru massage is famous in Japan and Thailand and in China, Nuru massage is becoming more and more popular, Nuru massage in Chinese is is 水磨, Pinyin is (Shui’mo).

We used only the authentic nuru gel
Nuru Gel is a hypoallergenic water based gel that is safe for all skin types and for your most sensitive body parts.
Nuru Gel is clear, odorless, and won’t stain bed sheets or towels.
Nuru Gel easily rinses off and is superior to oils or lotions for a more massage experience.
We also provide a protective bed cover for your comfort and convenience.

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